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How To Support Your Voice — "The Engine Room" - 2.5hr Video

How To Support Your Voice — "The Engine Room" - 2.5hr Video

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If you feel blocked in any way in your area of expression, this Masterclass will reignite your confidence and leave your soul burning to express itselfHere are the bullet points:
  • The fundamentals of the VT Method
  • Why your authentic voice matters
  • Insights from ancient civilizations
  • How to apply proper breathing techniques
  • About the chakra energy centers and the mind body connection
  • How to experience your voice in new ways
  • To break down insecurity and blockages in the way of your expression
    The human voice is literally our souls Dynamic life urge for truthful expression.  That expression is is not just the vibrational frequency of the voice, and it's not just when you make an audible sound — it is everything that you choose to do in your life! 
    Learn More Here in this 2.5 hr Masterclass with Maryn.

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