How to Access Your Purchases

Here are step by step instructions to ensure you are able to access your digital purchases. 

These audio messages and masterclasses will always be
accessible to you by logging into your online account that you will set up after your purchases in the online VT library creating your OWN online VT Library.

NOTE: If you have purchased an Online Course from Vocal Transformation you will need to access that course HERE which is a different login than the VT Library.


Your library of digital VT offerings can always be accessed from our website:

1. When you get to the VT website, look to the upper right corner and you will see the “MENU” please click on the menu and then choose “Library Log-In” (*it is important to note that you have to log in to access your library of offerings purchased.)

2. That will take you here to this login URL: 

TIP: If this is your first time accessing the library you will need to set up an account before logging in here.

TIP: To ensure a seamless experience, please note that you must sign in using the email address you used for your purchase to access your audio message. This is crucial to ensure you can fully enjoy your chosen content.

3. Use the email that you used to purchase the digital offerings as your username

4. When you create the account with your email/username it will prompt you to create your own unique password.

5. After you create an account you will log in on this same link and use your new password that you set up and email you made the purchase with.  This link from our website will always allow you to log into your library once you set up your account. 

6. After you have set up and created an account, after making your purchase you will end up here.

This is your own personalized VT Library of Masterclasses and Audio Messages.

Depending on what offerings you purchased you will see "
My Voice Recordings" or "My Videos" please click on that and the resource will be there for you to watch or listen

7. Once you click into "My Voice Recordings" or "My Videos" you will then see that to navigate from one to the other you will need to use the menu bar to move between videos and audio messages.

Example of your Voice Recordings:

Please let us know if you have any questions or can not access your purchase.  We are always here to help! 

Thank you so much for your excitement to learn more and to engage more on your Vocal Transformation journey.  We are so grateful to have you here with us!

Please contact us here for more support: