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Chanting As A Tool For These Times - 2.5hr Video

Chanting As A Tool For These Times - 2.5hr Video

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In this masterclass we are going to discuss the power the human voice has to heal.  Incorporating ancient techniques like chanting, we are going to learn how the body produces sound and how the frequency of our voice has the power to heal many of our ailments including, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, lack of vision, and drive. 

Fusing science with spirituality we will discuss why our voice might just be the most important medicine for these times.

What we will cover in the class:

  • The ancient vocal practice of mantra and how it works.
  • Your bodies connection to sound.
  • What are chakras and how are they connected to the voice.
  • Practices for using your voice to align your energies, heal, and manifest.
  • Learn the proper way to support mantra and the voice.

The human voice holds a very important frequency and how we embody it affects our entire lives.  Thought becomes words.  An electric impulse becomes sound, and the chain reaction of this influences our lived reality. To understand the deep teachings of the wisdom on this planet of our human voice is an important key that will benefit all people especially in such important times.

A daily vocal practice can begin to improve many areas of your life rather quickly.  With a little dedication you can begin to feel just how powerful you are and transform your life. Replace insecurity with confidence and judgment with curiosity. Join us for a journey into ancient sound!

Learn More Here in this 2.5 hr Masterclass with Maryn.

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