SATURDAY • AUGUST 3, 2024 • 11:00-12:30 ET (New York)

Your Voice: Nature's Ultimate Biohack

Unlock YOUR own hidden potential and discover how your voice is the most powerful tool for personal growth. Learn how to tap into the mind-body connection and understand how your voice influences your mental state and physical well-being.

Come join me, Maryn Azoff, on this free masterclass as an introduction to the power of Vocal Transformation and take away new tools to begin your journey of sound healing. From the inside out, and with your own intelligent voice!

  • Are You Always Looking For Shortcuts For Your Healing?

    We want easy fixes to increase our energy levels, our overall health, and improve our chances of a successful life. While I have nothing but respect and am completely in awe of some of the biohacking secrets I've been introduced to lately….I think it's time that the human race is privy to a very important “secret”...well, maybe it's not a secret but rather  an undervalued tool, a misunderstood SUPERPOWER and a hugely important key for humanity to awaken to our full potential. Both individually and collectively.

  • Our Voices Are The Building Blocks Of Our Entire Reality.

    Learn how everything is created by sound. We have the primary sound frequency, a vibrational tool that has been given to us as part of our bodies intelligence to create our own individual lives with and the world we are living in together.

    In this mastercalss, Maryn will introduce you to a modality for healing that has been yours from birth. No doctors needed! Let the healing begin!

  • Understand Key Functionality Of The Voice & What That Means.

    The voice requires the use of muscle and resonators to support and create sound. When we make this connection we become empowered, confident, and our instincts are awoken. This is how we begin to change ourselves and the world. Come learn with me the anatomy of your voice, and how to support vibrational tone to begin to heal your body. 


Will there be a recording of the masterclass?

YES, anyone who registers for the masterclass will be sent the recording the day after the event for you to view! You will have access to the recording for 30 days.

What Time Zone & Time is this in?

This masterclass will be held online on August 3rd, 2024 from 11:00am-12:30pm ET (New York)

What if I Want to Come & Can Not Make It At That Time?

Not to worry! The masterclass will be recorded and sent out to everyone that signs up. The video will be live for 30 days after the class for you to watch.

What Is The Cost?

NO COST! This masterclass on Aug. 3rd 2024 is FREE. All we ask is that you show up with an open heart and lots of curiosity to learn more and deepen your journey as we step into 2024!